What after 12th ?

What after 12th

Career options after 12th?

The most common question in mind of the students is what to do after qualifying 10+2 and what are the career option after 12th.  Pursuing Graduation in B.A., B.com, & B.Sc. was the ultimate option of almost all the students in the past.  

But today the whole scenario has changed a lot as thousand of career option are available after qualifying 12th class.  Now Which Course, How to do, From where to do ?????

confusion in the mind of students as well as in the mind of parents that which course and career is better.

career confusion

Selecting the right course is a very tedious procedure. There are two important factors plays an important role in choosing the course for the student.

  • One is parents as no other person in the world knows better than them. 
  • The second important factor is teachers because they know the aptitude and capability of the students. 
targeted career

Course must be selected according to their interest and aptitude.

Three Factors (ICA)
Interest, Capability, Aptitude


This is time when students and parents have to take utmost care in selection of right course as it will be the base of future career.  Students should select the course according their Interest, Capability and Aptitude but not under any outer influence or parents pressure. 

It has been observed that students are selecting their course by herd mentality rather than by their interest. It effects their future success in life drastically .  

So, choose the career according their passion and interest in which they can enjoy doing because without interest nothing can be completed successfully.

It is an irony that it was seen,  students who took Science in 10+2 have graduated in simply B,A. course because of low percentage or want to graduate from a specific institution at all cost.  

Courses after 12th Arts or Humanities

Courses after 12th Commerce 

Available Courses after 12th Science

Professional Courses | Job Oriented Courses | Short Term Courses

Beside pursuing Degree courses after 12th class it is best time to get some professional courses because in today’s competitive world having professional knowledge will prove to be an upper edge on the others. 

Here are some of the Professional high demand courses which will prove to be an assets for the future career make you skilled, creative  and independent  professional. You can join these courses from from the top professional of the industry.


So the conclusion note is that after 12th it is time to explore all the possibilities  of learning to improve your academic and professional ability according to your passion and interest.  Only at this point of time you can decide about your career after 12th.

Sushil Sharma 

Writer | Digital Marketr

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