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Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of hottest careers in the world nowadays. Marketing always plays an important role in the industry to grow, No industry can grow without Marketing. It is a marketing which shows the presence of any industry, product, service, shops, education institutions, Universities or any type of business. Marketing helps Brand establishment and to grow business. For marketing we need a platform where you can market your product or service effectively with less costing. The increased growth of Internet and Web has attracted businesses to go online which results in the career growth in Digital marketing for job seekers. 


Who can join Digital Marketing?

Any one who loves the subject and has passion to be a Digital Marketer can join this course. It does not require any degree in order to become a Digital marketer. All you need is the right amount of effort in the right direction. The only eligibility to get into the field of digital marketing is the right set of skills and knowledge that industry asks for.


How can You Join Digital Marketing 

We help the candidates to understand the concept of Digital Marketing from fundamental to advanced level. Our concept of teaching is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and actual practical demand of the industry.  Each and every concept will be implemented practically with live projects, giving you hands on experience and boost your confidence as a digital marketer. 


Wants to Learn WordPress


Course start Date : 25-07-2020

Mode : Online Classes

Duration  :  20 Day

Mastering WordPress

Be professional web designer by mastering WordPress in 20 days. Create Your first website with in three days after starting your course. It is a comprehensive course designed for beginners to advance level.

What You Get…..

  • You can create Blogs, Simple Websites
  • Able to create E-commerce websites
  • Start your career as a freelancer
  • Live Classes 

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Course Price : 5000/-

Digital Marketing Course

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Type of Marketing

Marketing & Audience Research

Keyword Research & Tools

Web Designing 

Google Search Engine

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Instagram Marketing

Google Analytics & Tools

Video Marketing

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Are you a Student, Housewife, working professtional, of Free lancer. This course is for you to become a expert Digital Marketer. It starts from scratch to advance level, does not required to be technically qualified Only requirement is dedication and be actionable. The course will be conducted online with live project.

Duration   :  3 Months

Mode           : Online Classes

Course Fee : Rs.9997/-